5 reasons why this might be the most effective weight loss product available

5 reasons why this might be the most effective weight loss product available

5 reasons why this might be the most effective weight loss product available

New “miracle’ weight loss products are constantly appearing which makes it difficult to know what is marketing hype and what might actually work. Green coffee extract is one that deserves its reputation for helping with weight loss and the underlying metabolic problem that causes weight gain.

1) Green coffee extract reduces weight

There have been several animal and human studies that show that green coffee extract does lead to weight loss. A small study published in the US found that the participants that received the green coffee lost an average of 8kgs, without making changes to their diet. Interestingly, their diets were very high in carbohydrates so changing to a more effective weight loss diet while taking a green coffee product would only compound these results.

2) Green coffee extract is more effective than prescription drugs

A recent meta-analysis of 30 trials of pharmaceutical weight loss drugs found that the three main drugs only led to an average loss of 2.9kg to 4.7kg. Green coffee extract led to a loss of 8kg making it a far superior product.

3) Green coffee extract is actually good for you

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs (one of which, simutramine, was recently withdrawn because it causes heart attacks) green coffee extract is actually good for you. It contains a range of different antioxidants which help to protect the heart, blood vessels, brain and other body cells and reducing the health risks caused by being overweight.

4) Green coffee extract helps improve blood sugar levels

There are several clinical trials which show that green coffee extract reduces the absorption of sugar from the food we eat. Over a period of time, this will help to reduce body fat as well as helping to control appetite and food cravings.

5) Green coffee extract lowers blood pressure

People with mild hypertension might also find that green coffee extract helps to lower their blood pressure. It won’t affect you if your blood pressure is normal, and it isn’t a substitute for medication, but if your blood pressure is slightly high, you might find that better blood pressure is an added bonus to the weight loss.

There are plenty of green coffee extract products on the market, with varying degrees of quality. The main active compound is chlorogenic acid which research seems to suggest is most effective when taken in high amounts throughout the day.

Kate’s Better Burn contains a therapeutically effective dose of green coffee extract, blended with a potently thermogenic green tea extract. Mixed with water and consumed throughout the day, Kate’s Better Burn works on improving fat burning, reducing appetite and reducing fat storage all day long. 

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