High protein breakfast protects against diabetes

High protein breakfast protects against diabetes
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High protein breakfast protects against diabetes

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How much protein for breakfast protects against diabetes?

Have you ever given much thought to how much protein you have for breakfast? Most people reach for fruit, cereal or toast and consider that to be a balanced start to the day.

But you might need to re-think your choice if you want to prevent diabetes. New research shows that the amount of protein you have for breakfast determines the amount of sugar and insulin found in your blood afterwards.

Why is this important?

Researcher Heather Leidy, an assistant professor of nutrition and exercise physiology explains: “If you eat healthy now and consume foods that help you control your glucose levels, you may be protecting yourself from developing diabetes in the future.”


The study:

Healthy, non-diabetic women were given breakfasts of either low protein, high carbohydrate pancakes, or one of two high protein meals of eggs and sausage. The calorie, fat and fibre content were the same for all the meals. Four hours after eating, blood tests showed that the women who ate the high protein breakfasts had lower spikes in both glucose and insulin suggesting better glucose control. The women with the highest protein meal showed the least spikes of all.


What this means for you:

Reducing glucose and insulin spikes after a meal is the foundation for controlling appetite and helping with weight loss. The more stable your glucose levels are after eating, the less hungry you will feel and preventing insulin spikes means that you are less likely to store your food as body fat.


What you should do:

This research suggests that it might be better to ditch the high carbohydrate breakfasts and replace them with high protein ones instead.


So how much protein was shown to be the best?

39 grams showed the most protection against blood sugar and insulin spikes but even 30 grams was effective.

What you should try next:

Breakfast on the W8less 40 Day Challenge is high in protein to help prevent food cravings and encourage natural weight loss.

The next Challenge starts on June 2nd.  Click here to read how the Challenge will help you with well being and weight loss.

Click on the image below to see the three most popular high protein breakfasts from the Challenge:

Blueberry pancakes

Coconut Bircher Muesli

Lemon herb scrambled eggs


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