High protein breakfasts stop food cravings

High protein breakfasts stop food cravings
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High protein breakfasts stop food cravings

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The typical Australian breakfast is a bowl of cereal or a couple of pieces of toast. But what if this simple meal is leaving us hungry and more likely to cave into cravings for sweets later on?


Research has shown for the first time that having a high protein breakfast changes the chemistry of our appetite and brain centres, significantly improving the feeling of fullness during the day and reducing unhealthy evening snacking.


Overweight young women were split into groups and either ate a breakfast of normal protein breakfast cereal, high protein eggs and beef, or skipped breakfast altogether. Researchers found that the participants that ate breakfast of either type felt fuller throughout the day, but those that had the high protein breakfast felt the fullest.


Even more interesting though was the affect of the different breakfasts on the chemistry of the blood and brain centres that control food motivation and reward-driven eating. When compared to eating a normal protein breakfast, or having nothing at all, the women who ate a high protein breakfast produced more ghrelin – the hormone that tells our brain we’re full – and had less evening activation of the brain centres that control cravings, which in turn meant they ate fewer fatty, sugary snacks at night.



Only a high protein breakfast makes you less likely to crave unhealthy snacks later in the day.


5 of the best high protein breakfasts

1) Green smoothie

Don’t be put off by the addition of greens in this smoothie, it still tastes delicious

2) Egg rolls

Super quick and you can be as creative as you like with the fillings

3) Protein pancakes

Yummy berry-filled pancakes that won’t leave you craving sugar

4) Scrambled tofu with kale

A high protein change to eggs

5) Spinach baked eggs

A tasty change to the usual scrambled or poached eggs

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