Questions from the Spring Weight Loss workshop

Questions from the Spring Weight Loss workshop

Questions from the Spring Weight Loss workshop

The regular Weight Loss Workshop always throws up some interesting questions relating to weight loss and general health. Maybe these are ones that you’ve been wondering about too!

1)      Are dry roasted nuts still healthy?
The reason that nuts are good for us is mostly because of their high “good fat” content. These fats help lower cholesterol, protect the heart and blood vessels, make us feel nice and full and encourage weight loss. Unfortunately, once the nuts are heated up during the roasting process the fats are damaged and are no longer good for us and, in fact, can actually be harmful.

Answer: Stick to raw nuts

2)      What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?
The cacao bean is ground up to make raw cacao powder or cacao nibs so is a whole, raw food full of minerals and mood enhancing chemicals. Cocoa is an extract of the cacao bean so is a processed food, with only some of the healthy properties of the raw form.

Answer: Cacao is a whole food so much more nutritious than cocoa

3)      Does sunscreen stop us producing Vitamin D?
Exposing our skin to the sun allows our body to convert cholesterol to vitamin D which is needed for normal calcium metabolism and bone regeneration, immune function, mood stability, heart health and blood sugar regulation. Using a sunscreen with an SPF over 8 blocks the UVB that is needed to make Vitamin D.

Answer: Yes. Get the appropriate amount of sun exposure without sunscreen or take supplements

4)      Are the natural sugars in fruit bad?
Sugar is sugar. Your body can’t tell where it comes from so once you go beyond what it can happily metabolise, from any source, you are going to run into problems. Most of the fruits that you eat today aren’t truly natural anyway, many being hydrid breeds developed to have unnaturally high sugar levels. For example: Pink lady apples? Owned and licensed by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food, not Mother Nature.

Answer: Yes, if too much is consumed

5)      Are the saturated fats in coconut oil good for us?
There are two types of saturated fats: medium chain and long chain, so called because of how many fat units are linked together. Coconut contains medium chain fats, which because of their smaller size, are rapidly broken down and turned into energy by your body. Coconut oils are known to increase metabolism, reduce cholesterol and encourage weight loss.

Answer: Absolutely yes!


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