The 5 fastest ways to stop a craving

The 5 fastest ways to stop a craving

The 5 fastest ways to stop a craving

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Do you reach for chocolate after dinner or a packet of chips in the afternoon? Not many people crave broccoli so it’s probably the very food that you’re trying to avoid that lodges itself in your mind and convinces you to eat it. Food cravings are both common and frustrating and are the downfall of many people who otherwise eat well. Snacking when you’re not really hungry, or choosing unhealthy options, will contribute to weight gain and eating poor quality food.

Trying to talk yourself out of having your favourite treat can feel impossible but arm yourself with these five proven tips and you’ll soon have control over your cravings.

1) Play tetris

Playing a computer game like tetris distracts your brain and will reduce a craving once it has appeared. It also stops your brain from being attuned to looking for what it craves.

2) Go for a walk

Just 15 minutes of intense exercise like brisk walking will reduce a craving. Plan a quick walk around the block after dinner or walk up and down the stairs at work in the afternoon. You’ll not only kill the craving but you’ll feel more energised and improve your long term health.

3) Chew gum

Chewing gum for 15 minutes has been shown to reduce both cravings and appetite. 10 minutes of gum chewing has also been shown to reduce anxiety so could be particularly helpful if you tend to snack on crunchy, salty food when you’re stressed.

4) Sniff essential oils

Smelling jasmine oil has been shown to significantly reduce chocolate cravings, and vanilla can reduce your appetite for sweet foods. Try putting a few drops of essential oil on a tissue to sniff or use them in an oil burner.

5) Think of something nice

Vividly imagining your favourite activity can significantly reduce the intensity of a craving. Researchers found that after just 4 days people who thought of a pleasant image whenever they felt a craving were much better able to control them.

The W8less 40 Day Challenge is specifically designed to treat food cravings. Participants report that their cravings disappear within the first 7 days.

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