Top 10 healthy snack ideas

Top 10 healthy snack ideas

Top 10 healthy snack ideas

1) A handful of raw macadamias and dried sour cherries
(Macadamias protect the heart and lower cholesterol, and dried cherries are anti-inflammatory)

2) Raw cacao nibs mixed with goji berries (super energy charge, anti-ageing and rich in minerals)

3) Spoonful raw coconut oil (increases energy without sugar, great for the immune system and – because they contain the same polyphenol antioxidants as olive oil – protective of the heart)

4) Shredded raw coconut flakes (high fibre and medium chain fats – great for feeling full and boosting energy)

5) Pickled gerkins (will stop a sugar craving in its tracks – yes, really!)

6) Celery with raw peanut butter (good fats to protect the heart and fibre to make you feel full)

7) Mash natural yoghurt with frozen berries – healthy icecream! (Probiotics for gut health and antioxidants to keep you young

8) Chocolate banana sandwich – slice a banana horizontally then spread with peanut butter and raw chocolate coconut butter (lots of fibre for your digestive system and to make you feel satisfied, medium chain fatty acids from the coconut and raw chocolate for improving mood) Raw chocolate coconut butter is available from health food shops. My favourite brand is Loving Earth.

9) Fill dried prunes with raw chocolate coconut butter (both prunes and coconut oil have been shown to help with bone health)

10) Baked turmeric chips – toss shredded coconut flakes with coconut oil, sea salt, cumin and turmeric. Bake in moderate oven for 15 minutes (good fats from coconut oil and anti-ageing turmeric) Click here for the recipe


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