Does feeding your kids these foods make them overweight as adults?

Does feeding your kids these foods make them overweight as adults?

Does feeding your kids these foods make them overweight as adults?

You don’t need researchers to tell you that our kids are getting fatter – and overweight children are pretty much guaranteed to be overweight adults. No-one wants to create a lifetime weight and health struggle for their kids but are we unintentionally doing just that?

High carb baby foods cause obesity

Intriguing new research from the US showed that when rat pups are fed high carbohydrate foods during infancy, they become programmed for increased weight gain and obesity – even if they diet as an adult.

The pups were fed either natural rat milk or a carbohydrate enriched milk. The change in diet to a more carbohydrate rich food created high blood insulin levels which is a pre-cursor to diabetes and obesity.

Researchers think that introducing baby food too early increases carbohydrates and the corresponding insulin secretion metabolically programs the child for obesity later in life.

This makes a lot of sense: if adults eat too many (of the wrong sort of) carbs, they will become overweight. Now we know that feeding our kids too many carbs will do the same.  Most baby foods are based on high sugar and high carb foods like fruit, pasta and rice. There is no reason for this. A baby doesn’t need a high carb diet to thrive, just like a healthy adult, they do best on proteins, good fats, starches and small amounts of fruit.

The pathways in the brain that control food motivation and reward are also programmed in infancy so too many sweet tasting foods as a baby or child can set you up for a lifetime of craving them.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Modern baby food seems to be designed less for the health of the child but more to create a market of sugar and carb addicted adults that will want to eat lots and lots of highly palatable – and therefore high margin – foods which conveniently, the same food manufactures can provide to them.

Does this strategy remind you of anything? The cigarette companies know if that if they can get a child hooked, they have a customer for life.


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