Is motivation making you fat?

Is motivation making you fat?

Is motivation making you fat?

Everybody wants to motivate and inspire us from celebrities encouraging us with their perfect lives and perfect thighs to reality tv shows like the Biggest Loser where seemingly normal people just like us can climb mountains and overcome the health obstacles of a lifetime.

But is all this motivation actually working against you?

Jane Caro wrote a brilliant article yesterday (which I strongly encourage you to read below) about an experience she had at a women’s health conference where once a slender and glamorous female athlete took to the stage “the pastries – studiously ignored thus far in the centre of the table – began to disappear at a rapid rate”.

This is a perfect example of what happens when faced with a situation that makes us feel less than good about ourselves: our brain tries to jolly us out of the slump by encouraging us to eat a food which makes us feel – albeit temporarily – good again. The ladies in the example above were faced with a shining example of someone that they could only dream of being like and rather than feeling motivated by her they took to the sugary pastries to boost the feel good chemicals in the their brains.

Sound familiar? I sometimes socialise in a part of town where the young and gorgeous congregate, and while my dietary leanings are normally towards the very healthy, whenever I’m there all I want is for dinner is hot chips. You’ll never be 25 again? Never mind, have this hot and salty fat to console you.

So the moral of this story is be very careful of what you expose yourself to. Stop reading magazines with glossy celebrities and 16 year old models if you are trying to lose weight and skip tv programs with personal trainers encouraging you to run marathons if you struggle to even get out of the bed in the morning. Perhaps even have a break from Facebook if the show reel lives of your friends on there make your own life seem less than stellar.

Perfect is the enemy of good and the truth is, no-one is perfect.…


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