Knowledge is power! How the Challenge will empower you

Knowledge is power! How the Challenge will empower you

Knowledge is power! How the Challenge will empower you

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Want to increase your energy and improve your health?

Knowledge is power! Learning about your body and how to nurture it back into a state of optimum health gives you the power to feel good, lose weight and boost wellbeing.

This is what previous 40 Day Challenge participants have learnt:

Increased Wellbeing

• How much better I feel when I eat well!

• The negative impact that carbs and sugars have on my energy levels

• I got a feeling of improved wellbeing and health and want to continue learning about healthy eating and wellness.

• Supporting my body nutritionally can make a big difference to my overall wellbeing.

• My no 1 learning was how much better I felt by eliminating tea/coffee, grains and sugar.

• I feel very good, I had a lot of compliments, my skin seemed clearer, I was pleased I lost weight, and I was surprised how I was not really hungry and did not really miss the carbs which I usually love

New foods and recipes.

• Love the recipes & innovative substitutions for carbs

• Better understanding of importance to eat nutritional foods, and yet to get some treats as well.

• I learnt how to cook much better food. I learnt how to use ingredients I had never used before.

• The green smoothies were a revelation and having a great variety of recipes to try out.

• Healthy foods I had never even heard of before! How to cut out foods detrimental to my health. How to manage better weight control.

• Great recipes!

• So excited to have a bevy of new recipes!

• New way to think about gluten in our diet and that it is quite easy to make nutritious and tasty meals without grains/gluten.

• Knowledge of food and eating different foods were so important to learn.

Health Breakthroughs

• That I have stayed (largely!) off sugar and grains! Huge achievement for me personally. Wouldn’t have thought possible.

• I have learnt to think of food in a different way and look out for nutritional value rather than fat and calories

• Being able to listen to my body and eat what felt right – without calorie counting (Wow all that time I didn’t need to spend punching numbers into an app!)

• I learned that I am still capable of losing weight (after many failed attempts)

•.I am less obsessed by food and my taste buds now demand real food. I am doing this for my total wellbeing and now losing weight is just a happy side effect.

• Meditation really helps to manage stress. It is now part of my daily routine

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