Coconut Roughs

Coconut Roughs

Coconut Roughs

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Creamed coconut*
Desiccated coconut
Loving Earth chocolate coconut butter** OR
Raw nut butter OR
Frozen raspberries OR
Goji berries OR

Melt the creamed coconut over a low heat (take care not to let it brown) then stir through an equal amount of desiccated coconut eg 4 tablespoons of creamed coconut with 4 tablespoons of desiccated coconut.

Add flavouring of choice and form desired shapes or roll into balls. Place in fridge to harden.

Nice combinations: Chocolate coconut butter and goji berries; raw peanut butter; chocolate coconut butter and very finely grated fresh ginger


* Creamed coconut is the paste formed from blended coconut flesh and is not the same as coconut cream. Before using creamed coconut, you might need to soften it and mix the oil, which settles on the top, back into the creamy paste.


** There are numerous brands that make flavoured coconut butters using raw cacao, nuts or even chilli. Loving Earth is a particularly delicious one available from health food stores or online.

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