The 5 reasons you should eat Easter eggs

The 5 reasons you should eat Easter eggs
Easter eggs

The 5 reasons you should eat Easter eggs

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Easter is almost here but you might have thought it was coming in January if you based it on when the first chocolate eggs arrived in the shops. The temptation of brightly coloured eggs starts months before the event itself and for many of us, it’s still traditional to exchange chocolate gifts at Easter so even if you can resist them in the lead up, it’s still hard to say no on the day.

You know that sugar is bad for you for a dozen different reasons but do you really have to turn down every single egg this Easter? Maybe not. There are some benefits to eating chocolate so have a read of the 5 reasons why you should eat Easter eggs.

1) Control cravings
Denying yourself something that you want can make the cravings for it worse and end up in a binge. Planning ahead and having just one small Easter egg is better than convincing yourself that you won’t have any and ending up scoffing down the whole bag of them. Consider it the “controlled burning” approach to chocolate: a little bit of something bad now to prevent an out of control rampage later.

2) Build better relationships
Traditions are important in our increasingly isolated society. Loneliness is a significant risk factor for long term health problems and it affects people of all ages. Occasionally relaxing your stance on eating a certain food for the sake of being sociable could actually help improve your health. Better still, if you share an Easter egg with someone, it helps to build connection and will improve the health of both of you.

3) Because you can
Gratitude is the foundation of positivity and positive people live longer and suffer fewer health conditions. Rather than getting stressed over the struggle to resist the temptation of Easter eggs, enjoy a small treat and feel grateful for how extraordinarily lucky you are that you are in the position to do so.

4) Your heart will love you for it
Chocolate is good for your heart and not just because it’s an aphrodisiac. The research on the heart health benefits of chocolate is building and we now know that it seems to help lower blood pressure, increase the level of good cholesterol and improve the function of blood vessels. In fact, one study found that heart attack survivors who ate chocolate reduced their risk of dying from heart disease threefold compared to people who avoided it.

5) It helps keep you slim
Chocolate might actually protect you from diabetes and obesity! Antioxidants called flavonols seem to improve sensitivity to insulin and improve the metabolism of sugar, both of which are important in the prevention of diabetes. Even more intriguingly, research showed that adults who regularly ate chocolate were leaner than those who rarely ate it.

Now, after all that good news there is a tiny caveat: there is good chocolate and there is crappy chocolate, and of course you should try and choose good chocolate.

How to choose the best Easter Egg
1) Portion controlled: one little egg instead of a piece of a large one
2) The darker the better: 85% cocoa is what we’re talking about here
3) Raw chocolate: this contains raw cacao powder which is the best for your health, but be careful, they are often still high in sugar

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