The solution for women who do it all

The solution for women who do it all
Lynne Ryan scuba cropped

The solution for women who do it all

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Lynne Ryan, from Sydney, explains her experience of the 40 Day Challenge:

Why did you decide to try the Challenge?

I decided to do the Challenge as I had tried every diet known to man with no sustained results. Not only was I sick of constantly trying to lose weight, I was noticing increasing lethargy and experiencing decreased motivation. These combined factors were the impetus for me to try a “different approach”.

“I was sick of constantly trying to lose weight”

What were your concerns about doing the Challenge?

My main concern was I going to be able to stick this out and will it really be any different to the myriad of diets I had previously tried.

“Will it really be any different?”


What results did you get from the Challenge?

Results? Where do I start!!!

Despite having 3 overseas trips and travelling regularly for work I have still managed to lose 7kg. I am thrilled! Not for one nano second have I felt like I was on a diet!!!


“I’ve lost 7 kgs and have more energy than ever!”


I now have more energy than ever, so much so that since doing the Challenge I have taken up cycling and last holiday in Thailand learnt to scuba dive! These sort of activities I only dreamt about prior to following your lifestyle philosophy and recommendations. Both my partner and I are complete converts and can’t envisage us ever going back to our old food choices. We feel too good!!!


“Not for one nano second have I felt like I was on a diet!”


Who should do the Challenge?

I would recommend this Challenge to everyone but especially women who are trying to “do it all!!” be the perfect Mum/wife/business woman etc. You will be truly amazed at what a difference the Challenge has on your whole being.


Women who are trying to “do it all!” You will be truly amazed!”


The next 40 Day Challenge starts on the 2nd of June. Click here to find out how you can get the same great results as Lynne

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