What is the W8less Challenge?

The 40 Day W8less Challenge is based on the holistic naturopathic principle that if you provide your body with the elements that it needs, it can be brought back into a state of health. The principles of the Challenge are based on years of study and first hand clinical experience of what works and what is achievable.

Weight issues cannot be separated from our overall health and so the path to a healthy weight must also involve being on the path to a healthier you. In order to make lifelong changes that lead to a better, healthier – and slimmer – you, we must lay down the foundations of good health first.

The W8less Challenge consists of three elements which combine to make an extraordinarily powerful template for change:

1) Nourishment
Eating foods which support your metabolism and saturate your body with nutrients

2) Movement
Exercising and moving in such as way that maximises fat burning and energy production

3) Mood
Fixing your mood, helps you to fix your food.

Why W8less?

W8less: Being of less weight

W8less: Feeling less weighed down; taking a weight off

W8less: No weighing of food

W8less: Less worrying about weight

What sort of foods does the W8less Challenge involve? Am I going to be hungry all the time?

The Challenge involves giving up sugar and grains for 40 days. This is much easier than it might sound and we have plenty of delicious recipes to keep you satisfied. Most people comment that are eating more food than ever before – and still lose weight!

Why can’t I have sugar on the W8less Challenge?

Eating sugar leads to an increase in the hormone insulin. Insulin is the main fat storage hormone so it tells your body to take the energy from food and store it as fat. While you have high levels of circulating levels of insulin in your blood, it is biologically impossible for fat to come out of fat cells.

This means you will struggle to lose weight and will tend to want to eat more sugar and carbohydrates. Sugar also tends sets up the metabolic conditions which make us feel tired and sometimes cranky. Sugar is also very ageing for the skin!

Why can’t I have grains on the 40 Day Challenge?

Grains are the main dietary source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are made up two parts:
1) Fibre – which we can’t absorb so it passes right through us
2) Sugar and starches (which turn into sugar inside us)

So you can see that eating carbohydrates are pretty much the same as eating sugar… which leads to insulin which leads to fat storage.

Can I have some grains or sugar?

Yes, you can BUT for most people abstinence is easier than moderation so eating none is often surprisingly much easier than trying to eat a little. There isn’t a pass or failure mark for the Challenge but if you want to get the best results, then sugar and grain-free is the way to go.

Should I be counting calories?

No! Calculating the calories in a food doesn’t tell us the affect that a food has on our body. In other words, it’s not the calories in food that matters, but the hormonal response which they generate.

Certain foods generate a fat storage message irrespective of the amount calories that they contain.

For example:
100 calories from carbohydrate eg rice crackers will trigger a “store fat” hormonal response that can lead to WEIGHT GAIN


100 calories from fat/protein eg raw nuts will trigger a “burn fat” hormonal response which helps with WEIGHT LOSS

So despite having the same amount of calories, the hormonal response produced from various foods is quite different and will trigger or reduce fat storage.

Besides which, eating fewer calories will lead to you burning fewer calories. NOT what you want if you want to lose weight, have lots of energy and feel satisfied by your food!

Can I substitute fish for meat in some of your dishes?

Yes you can! The key is to have adequate amounts of protein and it will make little difference if it comes from meat, chicken or fish. Most recipes can be adapted to suit the protein of your choice.

I’m a bit worried about the all the fat on the Challenge? Should I be?

It’s completely understandable to be concerned by fat given that we have been told for decades that it will clog up our arteries and make us gain weight. It might seem hard to believe but the opposite is actually true.

In order to lose weight and have consistently high energy levels, we need to be able tap into our stored energy reserves… called our body fat. The better you are at burning body fat – as opposed to storing it – the better you feel and the slimmer you become. In order for this to happen your metabolism needs to become “fat adapted” or adapted to burning fat. It’s a bit like revving up your metabolism from an ordinary car engine into a supercharged turbo. And the best way to do this? Eat plenty of the right kinds of fats – like all the ones on the W8less Challenge!

I’ve never meditated before. Is this really difficult?

Meditation is simply a focused breathing exercise and anyone can do it. You don’t need any special tools, just a comfortable chair and a few minutes of your time. We will give you detailed guidance of what to do so that you will very quickly be enjoying the incredible calmness that meditation creates in your brain.

Can you please advise what the exercise program is?

The exercise is a low impact routine using your own body weight eg push ups etc so will be suitable for everyone no matter the level of fitness. We encourage you to do the workout every day as well as increasing overall activity such as walking.


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