What people are saying about Kate’s healthy weight loss program:

Have you seen a Naturopath before?

Consulting a naturopath for weight loss didn’t even enter my head until I had a conversation with a friend about it……….it now makes sense to do that……! More people need to be aware that seeing a Naturopath for weight loss is such a positive experience.

Why did you decide to join Kate’s program?

I was so depressed about my weight and it was spiralling out of control. I needed one on one guidance with what I was putting in my mouth, someone explaining the right and wrong way to go about it……..to keep it off….not a quick fix. Also going to see someone weekly/fortnightly I find a positive, to help keep me focused.

What benefits have you gained from the weight loss program?

The benefits are endless, feel so much better, much healthier, fitter…..happier!!! I have learnt about what the foods do to my body. Also concentrate more on losing body fat than kilos…..have learnt how my body reacts to different foods & exercise.

Who would you recommend this program to?

I would recommend it to anyone who was serious about losing weight, or even just wanting to feel healthier, it is such a positive one on one experience, because you prepare and eat your own food you are also learning about the good and bad foods…… so it makes it easier to become a way of life not just a quick diet. We all want to feel great……Kate just makes it easier for us to achieve it!

Karen Kimpton

What made you decide to join the program?

I have been attending Kate’s weight loss workshops and the principles and the holistic philosophy of healing the body while losing weight resonated with me. The information given at these workshops was so simple to understand./p>

What specific benefits have you received with the program?

Besides weight loss, 4 kg in 6 weeks, which I have been struggling with, there was a improvement in my overall health- my energy levels were up, I started sleeping better, my thyroid function improved and I had to reduce my thyroid medication dose, my cholesterol levels decreased and my thyroid autoimmune antibodies decreased too. More importantly, Kate has made me understand how my body works, the underlying cause of my weight gain and put in place a long term plan to heal my body.

What part of the program did you find the most beneficial?

Kate’s support through the 6 weeks and beyond, menu plans and the wealth of knowledge gained during consultation.

Gita Mathias

Sylvia Murray

What made you decide to join the program?

After a lifetime of dieting and not getting anywhere, I came to your seminar as a last ditch effort to try to lose weight and keep it off (as you mentioned in your ad). I was desperate to find something that actually worked, both for myself and for my daughter Samantha, whom I was getting quite concerned about.

I must admit that I came along as a skeptic and somewhat curious about what you had to say and thought this might just be yet another “scam” for weight loss, but I was really pleasantly surprised. Everything you said made so much sense and you were able to back up with evidence everything you were saying. The thought of having to “forget” everything I had ever been told about nutrition and good health was a bit confronting, but you instilled so much confidence in me that I trusted what you were saying and decided to give it a go.

I also liked the fact that you asked for blood tests and that you were able to “read” and decipher these tests and explain the results to me, something which doctors have never done, other than say “everything is normal” or “your cholesterol is a bit high, so I’ll give you a script”.

What specific benefits have you received with the program?

Quite simply, I have lost weight! As I said to you once before, you were able to help me lose more weight in 3 weeks than Weight Watchers was able to do in 18 months!

I am slowly regaining my confidence. I thought I was going crazy as I put so much effort into trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember, but getting nowhere fast and being told that I was “cheating”! In a way, I was relieved to find that I was “insulin resistant” as I FINALLY had a reason as to why the weight wasn’t budging. I am not “crazy” at all! And the fact that we can get around the insulin resistance was music to my ears and has given me the determination to continue. I know the weight loss will not happen quickly, but at least the scales are heading in the right direction. Thank you, Kate!!!

What part of the program did you find the most beneficial?

Regular weekly visits with you have been great, and knowing that you are just a phone call away if we get “stuck” or have questions about the program, has been comforting and reassuring.

Meron Waller

I am 53 and a mother of 4 and also have a demanding job. I’ve ended up losing 16 kilos and its awesome.


My energy level is high, I sleep better and am loving life again! This is the first eating plan that makes sense to me and actually works on your body’s make-up”/